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Dear Do-Re-Mi-Instructors,

Elena Marinina is a highly and classically trained piano instructor. She is serious, honest, and to-the-point while still being approachable and attentive to the student."


Claire M.

Rougemont, NC

Dear Do-Re-Mi-Instructors,

Elena is a consummate professional, a dedicated teacher, a lover of her craft, and so good with children. She was able to arrange a very reasonable keyboard rental so we didn't have to commit to a full piano until we're sure that's the right way to go.

We want both piano and voice instruction; she arrives on time and does keyboard instruction for 30 minutes followed by voice warm ups and voice instruction. Looking forward to the holiday recital this year!!!

Scott C.

Chapel Hill, NC


Thank you very much for hosting a wonderful music camp.  Leo and Lucas both enjoyed themselves tremendously and it is clear that they learned a lot over the short time they were with you.  Every morning they awoke excited and eager to begin the day at camp, and your warmth and engaging sense of humor put them immediately at ease and ready to learn.  You made the time fly by, and the boys are already very much looking forward to another session with you next summer.  Your camp set just the right tone for the boys as a gentle introduction to the formal study of music, and it proved to be a wonderfully enriching and positive experience.  Thanks so much!




"My son just completed a two-week long  morning piano camp. He was able to learn in a quiet, comfortable atmosphere and came home happy everyday. By the end he had composed his own masterpiece which he now practices at home!" 


Rougemont, NC

Dear Do-Re-Mi-Instructors,

My son Eric was only 5years and 7 month- a bit too little for the camp, but to his great surprise and pleasure have met other kids very close to his age and had a wonderful time at the camp. He called it "My Music School". We are looking forward to the next summer at the Music Camp!

Shuang L.

Chapel Hill, NC

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