Music Is the Universal
Language of Mankind

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Private  Music Lessons 

At Do-Re-Mi-Instructors with home office in Durham, North Carolina, we provide  private music lessons for you or your child. Regardless of your child's musical interest, they learn in a supportive environment.

We also specialize in teaching children with special needs, such as ADD, where they need a lot of repetition and retain information slowly. Because we understand their needs, our LICENSED MUSIC THERAPIST have the patience to help them get involved and create music. 

Private Lessons
Private lessons are available for children ages 5 and up and can take place in your home or at our studio. After an initial consultation to discover your child's needs, we create a customized lesson plan and Music Book that includes homework. There are also recitals twice a year in large venues for family and friends to attend.

Children Playing Piano, Private Music Lessons in Durham, NC

Private Lesson Rates
You must purchase a minimum of 4 lessons that are payable in advance. However, you have the option to purchase a single 1-hour trial lesson that is also payable in advance. We schedule makeup lessons for missed classes by mutual agreement.

Single 1-Hour Trial Lesson—$60.00

Piano/Violin/Guitar—$32.00 for 30 min., $42.00 for 45 min.,
  $52.50 for 1 hour
Voice—$31.50 for 30 minutes, $45 for 45 minutes,
  $55.00 for 1 hour


Contact us today for more information or to discuss which lessons your child wishes
to participate in. Also,
if you refer a friend, your child will receive a free lesson.