Music Is the Universal
Language of Mankind

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Music teachers owe each student a special consideration, which would account for his or her unique qualities, temperaments, and abilities. Yet there is a realization common to most students who undertook the effort to study their instrument, in order to communicate and share with others their emotional state using the universal language of music.

That realization is that even though the process of performing with skill is a lifelong enterprise, each stage of accomplishment in this process brings joy and a very special gratification to both the student and the teacher. The 2 centuries of the European experience in teaching music convincingly demonstrate that there is no substitute for hard work by the teacher-student tandem when learning the skill of playing an instrument.

Boy Practicing Violin, In-Home Music Instruction in Durham, NC

There Is No Magic Involved
There is no magic, or a silver bullet—be it called Suzuki, hypnoses, or witching of any shade. Being in music all my life, I have never heard of a famously known or even just a good performer produced by, say, a Suzuki method. There is no getting away from learning the music alphabet and its grammar; there is no getting away from playing or singing scales when practicing hours on end.

It is that practice, helped by the teachers' skills and intelligence, which will produce the coveted result. Needless to say, students and their parents aim at
different qualities of achievement, but regardless, we at Do-Re-Mi-Instructors will help to achieve that quality. We believe that any quality a student wishes to attain is worthy.

The Process
In practical context, the student, together with the instructions specific to his or her instrument, will be taught to read musical scores, count rhythm, and manage stage performance. Teachers determine the sequence of instrument exercising, the schooling, and provide to students copies of musical scores via email attachments. To evaluate progress, we arrange for our students academic stage performances twice a year.

For parents, it may be well to remember that what you can buy for your child today, while he or she is a child, cannot be bought for any worldly riches once he or she becomes an adult.

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